Property Management Success: Do You Know Why People Move?

Getting a few answers before you begin looking for your new home can eliminate many of the options on the market. Learn more about it here.

Property Management Success: Do You Know Why People Move?

13 October 2015
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With 10 percent of Americans being unhappy with their current living conditions -- some of which who are going to be coming to your rental property to check it out, it is crucial that you know why people are moving so you can market to your potential renters effectively. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, here are a few reasons why people move:

1. They Want a Safer Place to Live with Less Crime.

A number of renters want to find a new place because they don't feel safe in their current living quarters. This is particularly true with renters with children. Therefore, you may want to state neighborhood crime statistics or simply share that there is a Neighborhood Watch program in the neighborhood. For security-conscious renters, make sure that you advertise the fact that you have a secure entry area, such as a gate with an entry code, and plenty of lighting throughout the property.

2. They're Getting Old and Entering Retirement.

When individuals get older, they tend to move to be closer to their children and grandchildren or relocate to downsize. They no longer need that four-bedroom house and are often looking for something smaller that has features that will meet their needs. Promote those features, such as social gatherings, ground-floor units and proximity to grocery stores. You can even promote child-friendly features, as the older community will be interested in knowing what's available when their grandchildren come over to visit.

3. They Want Something New or Better.

One of the top reasons that people were moving in 2013 was to move on to something bigger, better and nicer. If your rental property consists of luxury and status amenities, make sure that you take the time to play these features up on your flyers and advertisements. If your property can be someone's "dream home," then make sure they know it.

4. They Want to Start Fresh.

Some renters said that they moved because of a marital change. When a life change like this occurs, people often feel necessary to start over and start fresh, which means finding a new place to live. Whether it is a couple who recently got hitched or an individual who recently got divorced, you'll want to pitch your property as a neighborly place where social events are held to help connect residents with one another and with services or activities in the community. Social opportunities at your property will help new renters adjust to the new scene and feel more at home.

These moving facts are universal. Use these motivations to become a more responsive and attentive landlord. When you need help promoting your rental property or even managing it, consider hiring a property management company, as they are skilled in maintenance, lease agreements and promotion tactics. To find out more, speak with a business like CJ Real Estate, Inc.

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