Making Sure Your Rented Apartment Is Secure

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Making Sure Your Rented Apartment Is Secure

24 September 2015
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If you are planning on renting an apartment, security is one issue you will want to address before and shortly after you move into it. There are a few points to look for when renting an apartment to make sure it offers the most security possible. There are also a few security measures you can take upon yourself to help make your new home less desirable to thieves. Here are a few tips to use to help your belongings remain away from the hands of robbers when renting an apartment.

Opt For Security

When looking for a rental apartment, a unit in a complex that is monitored 24 hours a day is ideal if you are concerned about theft. You may need to use an access key to enter the complex, and each swipe of your key card will show what times you had used it. This history will allow the complex to determine who is on the premises should a break-in occur in one of the rental units. Another method is having a security guard available at the complex entrance. Along with keys or a guardhouse, security cameras being present would be a plus when renting in a gated community, as they offer even more protection.

Ask About The Locks

Before you sign a rental agreement, ask the landlord if they will change the locks before you move in. If this is not part of their standard policy, ask them if you can take it upon yourself to change the locks. If you are denied, move on to another apartment complex.

Get To Know Neighbors

When you move in, introduce yourself to the people living in rental units directly in your area of the complex. Knowing who your neighbors are will help you to alert the landlord if you notice someone suspicious in the area. Your neighbors will most likely also do the same if they see someone around your unit who should not be there.

Use Deterrents

Hook up a motion sensor outside of your apartment so your front light goes off should someone be in the area. These are relatively easy to install on your own and they are great at scaring away potential burglars. A sensor can be easily removed as well, making it a non-permanent way to add security to an apartment.

Consider adding timers to your lighting within your home so people are not sure if you are home or not. When you leave your apartment for the day, give a wave as you walk away. This will make anyone watching think you live with someone.

Don't Elaborate

Do not place your full name on your mailbox or outside of your apartment door so others are not sure who lives within the unit. Never put a note on your door indicating you are not at home. If you are going to be away for a while, let the post office know you would like them to hold your mail for you for a few days because you need to purchase a new mailbox or get a new key. This way the post office workers will think you are still at home and your mail will not pile up while you are gone, alerting others you are not there.

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