Making Money From Your Property

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Making Money From Your Property

4 July 2016
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If you own a piece of land, you know that it comes with significant expenses, including property taxes and maintenance costs. You can work to recoup some of these financial outlays and add to your income by putting your land to work for you. 

Food Growth

Even with a  small plot of land, you can raise a great deal of your own food. Of course, the traditional garden can provide fresh vegetables during the growing season, but investing in a number of fruit trees can be highly profitable. If your space is limited, try planting the dwarf variety. A good harvest means your yearly fruit needs are met, and you can sell the rest at a local farmers market. 

Depending on how your home is zoned, you may also be able to raise chickens close to town. If you live in the countryside, you can certainly create a highly productive chicken operation that will provide you with fresh eggs all year round and meet your protein needs. Basically, you will just be returning to the way things were in the not so distant past when many families were almost self-sufficient when it came to their food needs. Imagine how small your grocery bill could be.

Mineral Rights

You may want to investigate selling the mineral rights to your land. Depending on where you live, what lies beneath the surface of your pasture or even large lot may be worth a significant amount of money. If you live where oil and gas production is a key industry, you are more likely to be able to make such a sale. Once you sell your mineral rights, however, you will possibly reduce the resale value of your property. The rights can be sold again and again without any input from you. However, you will still have physical possession of your property and will likely continue to use it as you did before. The amount you will receive will vary greatly, but it can be thousands of dollars per acre, enough to seriously improve your lifestyle.

If you own property, you should focus on ways to make it pay off for you. Even a small patch can yield a year's worth of fruit and vegetables and allow you to raise animals for food and sale as well. In addition to food and mineral rights, you can possibly create a getaway location for paying guests as well as other business endeavors. In reality, your land can be put to use in a number of profitable ways. Contact a business, such as Appalachian Mineral Partners, for more information. 

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