3 Ways To Get More From Your Vacation Rental

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3 Ways To Get More From Your Vacation Rental

11 February 2021
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Vacation properties can elevate your getaway, giving you a comfortable place to stay at night after days of exploring the attractions. However, many people don't get the most out of their vacation condo, simply because they aren't familiar with what the property comes with. Here are three simple ways to get the absolute most out of your vacation condo.

1. Pour Over That Listing 

While that vacation listing may have been great enough to attract your attention, many vacationers forget about the listing as soon as the place is booked. Instead, read and reread the listing to learn as much as possible about the property. Pay attention to what the property comes with, and if there are things like stocked refrigerators, recreational equipment, and cable television detailed in the initial property information. 

2. Talk With the Owner

Take the time to call or message the property owner to learn more about the vacation home. Ask what there is to do in the area, and what they like to do when they visit the home. Oftentimes, if you are willing to ask, owners may give you more information about things you can do in or around the home than they may list online. 

Think about what you want to do when you visit the home, and ask what they would recommend during your stay. For instance, if you are thinking about doing a lot of snorkeling, ask if the home either comes with snorkeling equipment you can borrow, or if there are rental places in the area where you can get flippers, masks, and snorkels. 

3. Read Reviews and Screen for Tips

Read reviews from other people who have stayed in the property to get ideas about what you might be able to do or enjoy when you stay at the house. Oftentimes, people will talk about what they did when they stayed in the home, and mention whether the vacation property location helped or hindered their experience. 

For instance, some vacation rental websites may not tell you exactly where the home is located until you book, so reading reviews can help you to determine where the home is in proximity to amusement parks, great restaurants, or freeway entrances. Read as many reviews as possible, and pay attention to how recent photos compare with images online to guage your expectations. 

When you arrive at your new vacation condo, do what you can to make the experience truly spectacular. Use your mental notes about the property to take advantage of every opportunity you have access to, and don't be shy about asking the homeowner any questions that may pop up. For more information, contact a vacation condo service.

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