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2 Towns In New Jersey With Luxury Homes And Easy Transportation To NYC

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If you are looking to move your family to a big, luxury home in New Jersey, then you’re in luck. New Jersey has lots of nice towns to look at. If you’re moving from Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, you will love the amount of space you get in New Jersey. New Jersey is also easy for people who still need to head into Manhattan to work. You can take the George Washington Bridge, or better yet, take New Jersey Transit right into Penn Station. One of the towns listed below has a train station right in the center of town; the other is just a short drive in the morning to the New Jersey Transit station in a neighboring town. Chatham Township Chatham is located in Morris County. It was formed in the early 1800s and was, for many years a rural farming community. However, after World War 2 when people began to move into the areas which would become the suburbs, the population of Chatham dramatically changed. Houses began to replace the old vegetable and dairy farms. The town does have a nice selection of Victorian homes from before the population boom, but most of the new developments have spring up in recent years. You will find large, luxury homes that are stunning and a great place to raise your family. Some community guides rank it as the number one place to live in New Jersey. In fact, except for price, it is a stand out location with excellent schools, beautiful scenery, great stores and services, and ultra-low crime. Saddle River If you want luxury and space, all while being close to Manhattan, then look no further then Saddle River. The area is home to many beautiful homes and is a very peaceful area. The reason it has maintained such a nice, quiet atmosphere is that there is a town zoning ordinance that requires every home to have a minimum of two acres. This means you won’t see homes lined up right next to one another. Because of this amount of space, you will find nice big luxury homes if that’s what you are looking for. The one thing to take note of is that this area doesn’t have a “downtown” section. It’s very under-developed. However, that’s how the residents like it. So, if you’re looking for a super quiet area with nice large homes that is close to NYC, then this is a spot to check out. There is no train station right in town, but you can catch the New Jersey Transit in the neighboring town of Allendale. For more information, contact companies like Zicka...

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3 Ideas To Give Your Custom Home Modern Comforts With A Classic Look

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Today, green home designs and sustainability are an important part of the building process. If you are considering building a new custom home, you may want to have these features, but still have a traditional home design and minimal visual impact. There are many things that can be done to give your home these modern features without having a major impact on a more traditional design. This can be done with things like solar panels integrated into roofing, buried water conservation systems, and building methods that help add thermal barriers. Here are some ideas to give your home modern comforts and preserve a traditional look: 1. Installing Solar Energy Solutions That Have Little Visual Impact Solar energy can be a great solution to give your home sustainable energy, but conventional systems can be unsightly. Today, there are many alternatives that you may want to consider for your home. Some of these solutions can include integrated solar panels in your roofing. You can also have solar water heaters recessed in your roof at an inconspicuous location, such as on the back of the roof if it gets enough sunlight. 2. Water Conservation With Grey Water And Rain Water Systems Water conservation can be another improvement that you may want to add to your new custom home. The water conservation can be a rain collection system that you add to your home. When building a new custom home, these features can be integrated into the design of your home with buried tanks. You may want to give grey water a separate tank to use for non-potable water, as well as reduce stress on septic systems if you need to install one for your new home. 3. Inconspicuous Architectural Designs For Passive Heating And Cooling The design of your home can also contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability with inconspicuous passive solutions. Some of the things that you may want to consider are things like cupolas that help with ventilation and heat convection for passive cooling, as well as functional dormer windows. In addition, features like glass enclosures and screened in porches with windows can be a great solution to help with passive heating. Traditional designs can have many modern features to improve energy efficiency and sustainable design. If you are ready to build a new custom home, talk with a custom home builder about some of these ideas to incorporate into the design of your new home....

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Signs That It Might Be Time To Have Your Locks Replaced

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It is vital that you are well aware of the signs that it is time for you to have the locks on your doors replaced. To help you know when it is time to call in the professional locksmith, you will want to review the following signs of trouble. The Key Is Getting Stuck If your key feels like it is sticking inside the lock, it’s probably time to have it replaced. You can try to use a little spay lubricant in the lock to see if that makes things any better. However, if you are still finding that you have to wiggle and jiggle the key in order to get it out of the lock once the door has unlocked, you will want to call a professional locksmith right away. If you wait too long, you may find that your key will one day become permanently stuck in the lock. The Lock Is Starting To Get Rusty Over time, moisture can get inside of your lock and cause it to rust. If you see signs of rust on your lock, it’s time to call the locksmith. If you are starting to notice that this is what you are seeing, it is time to get a locksmith to swap out the old door lock with a new one. Ask the locksmith for a lubricant or protective spray that he or she can apply to the new lock, especially if a lot of moisture gets on your door lock over the course of the year. This way, the new door lock will be able to last for as long as possible. The Lock Is Wiggling If you are noticing that the entire locking mechanism is starting to wiggle in place a little bit when you go to lock or unlock it, it is time to call a reputable locksmith in your area. The entire thing needs to be replaced, even if the key portion seems to be functioning just fine. This is because the lock that moves around a lot is a safety issue. A criminal may find that your lock is easy to get through because it can be easily broken off of the door since it is already very loose. Call your local locksmith, like http://scscincus.com, if you are noticing any of the previously mentioned problems or if you are noticing anything else that is concerning you about the door...

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Three Things to Know If You Want to Buy a House After Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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If you recently received a discharge through Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are now in good financial shape, you might want to start considering buying a house. Through your bankruptcy, you probably eliminated all the debt you owed, and you may now be in the process of saving up some money. As you start planning to buy a house after bankruptcy, there are three important things to know. There Is a Waiting Period To buy a home, you must get a loan, and there are a variety of different types of loan programs to choose from. Each type has a different waiting-period restriction, though, and you will need to look into these before you start looking for a house. For example, to get a conventional loan, you will need to wait four years after filing. To get other types of loans, such as a FHA loan, you only need to wait two years. You Will Need a Down Payment No matter which loan program you choose, it is likely you will need a down payment to buy the house. It is best if you can come up with 20% of the purchase price; however, this is not always necessary. You might be able to buy a house by putting as little as 3% of the purchase price down on it. If your bankruptcy eliminated a lot of debt you owed, you might be in a position that allows you to save a decent amount of money each month. If possible, save as much as you can before you begin shopping for homes, and base your budget on the amount of money you have for your down payment. For example, if you have $20,000 saved up, you might want to look for a home that costs around $100,000. The money you have would be enough to put a 20% down payment on the home when you purchase it. You Might Not Qualify for the Best Rate Interest rates on mortgages are determined by a lot of factors, but credit score is a big one. Bankruptcy can bring a credit score down, which may end up causing you to have a higher interest rate than you hoped for, but this doesn’t mean you will always be stuck with that rate. If you find a home you really like and end up purchasing it, in a few years you might be able to refinance to a lower rate if you are able to get your credit score up high enough. Buying a home is a big event and can be tricky for a person who just filed for bankruptcy. If you have any questions about this, talk to your lender and hire a real-estate agent to help you find homes for sale within your price...

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How To Improve The Appearance Of Your Home To Increase The Chances That It Sells

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How your home looks is crucial when selling a home. Even if all of the problems with your home are on the surface and are easily fixed, home buyers will still notice these issues and will treat it as a sign that all is not well with your property. But there are quite a few things you can do to improve the appearance of your home and help it sell. Eliminate All Clutter Remove clutter from your home. Especially make sure to wash and put away the dishes. If there is a table with random papers, magazines, and a coffee cup, put everything away. Even though it is obvious that these things will be gone before you have an open house, they cause buyers to wonder if you are careless with your home. Photograph Your Home A large percentage of homes are sold to buyers who found the home originally online. Therefore, if you do not take many pictures, you will not be able to compete with other homes that are listed online. Make sure to take high-quality photos that highlight the best areas of your home to generate interest. It isn’t a bad idea to hire a professional photographer. Make All Necessary Repairs You may feel like you want to test the waters by listing your home before it is ready to be listed. However, if your home needs major repairs, it will simply get a reputation for being a problem home. Even when buyers seem minor issues that are in need of repair, such as a cabinet door hinge that is broken, they will suspect that there are more serious repairs that need to be fixed deeper within the home. Regardless of how expensive the repairs are, the increased value of your home will make up for the cost of the repairs.  Stage Your Home To make your home even more appealing, you will need to engage in what is called “staging the home.” This is when you arrange items in your home in a manner that is more appealing to the eye. There are professional home stagers who will be able to make your home look more beautiful and make it difficult for home buyers to pass it up If you are not sure if your home is ready for the market, it is a good idea to contact a real estate agent. Working with a real estate agent will make it much easier to get your home ready to sell because they will know exactly what buyers are looking...

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4 Tips For Getting Your Home Sold Faster

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Having your home for sale can be a stressful time. You might need to relocate for a job or family emergency, so you will want to sell the property as quickly as possible but still get the most money for it. The best way to do this is to find ways to attract the right buyer, and doing the following things can help you make that happen. Tip #1: Update the interior Making simple changes inside your home can pay off huge dividends when it comes to attracting the ideal buyer.  Some inexpensive things you can do include adding new rugs to your living room or placing pictures on the walls. If you want to invest more time and money, you could change the paint or buy new furniture. Regardless of what you decide to do, making your home more attractive is sure to be ideal. Tip #2: Do landscaping The first thing your potential buyers will see is the exterior of your property. This means you will want to have the yard well-manicured and looking beautiful. Add some color to your lawn by buying some plants and putting these on your porch or creating a walkway. Be sure to keep your yard mowed and the shrubbery trimmed for the best look. Tip #3: Set the price You will want to do some research to determine what the other homes in your neighborhood have sold for in the past. This will help you gauge the right price at which to list your property. It’s best to list your property at a reasonable price if you want to get it sold quickly. You may want to rely on a real estate agent to get the comparable sale prices of other homes in your area. Tip #4: Market your home Finding ways to get the word out about the property you have for sale is ideal. You should consider listing your home online and in your local newspaper. Don’t neglect to put signs out in your yard that alert others to the fact your house is for sale. Hire a real estate agent like those at Exit Trinity Realty to help you set up an open house and find buyers who are interested in your home. Being able to sell your home in the shortest amount of time possible is sure to be high on your to-do list. Be sure to contact a local real estate agent in your area today if you need professional...

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Making Money From Your Property

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If you own a piece of land, you know that it comes with significant expenses, including property taxes and maintenance costs. You can work to recoup some of these financial outlays and add to your income by putting your land to work for you.  Food Growth Even with a  small plot of land, you can raise a great deal of your own food. Of course, the traditional garden can provide fresh vegetables during the growing season, but investing in a number of fruit trees can be highly profitable. If your space is limited, try planting the dwarf variety. A good harvest means your yearly fruit needs are met, and you can sell the rest at a local farmers market.  Depending on how your home is zoned, you may also be able to raise chickens close to town. If you live in the countryside, you can certainly create a highly productive chicken operation that will provide you with fresh eggs all year round and meet your protein needs. Basically, you will just be returning to the way things were in the not so distant past when many families were almost self-sufficient when it came to their food needs. Imagine how small your grocery bill could be. Mineral Rights You may want to investigate selling the mineral rights to your land. Depending on where you live, what lies beneath the surface of your pasture or even large lot may be worth a significant amount of money. If you live where oil and gas production is a key industry, you are more likely to be able to make such a sale. Once you sell your mineral rights, however, you will possibly reduce the resale value of your property. The rights can be sold again and again without any input from you. However, you will still have physical possession of your property and will likely continue to use it as you did before. The amount you will receive will vary greatly, but it can be thousands of dollars per acre, enough to seriously improve your lifestyle. If you own property, you should focus on ways to make it pay off for you. Even a small patch can yield a year’s worth of fruit and vegetables and allow you to raise animals for food and sale as well. In addition to food and mineral rights, you can possibly create a getaway location for paying guests as well as other business endeavors. In reality, your land can be put to use in a number of profitable ways. Contact a business, such as Appalachian Mineral Partners, for more...

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Two Tips For Those House Shopping For The First Time

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Buying a house will likely represent one of the most important purchases that you ever make. However, it can be easy for first-time buyers to be fairly overwhelmed about this process. As a result, they may make mistakes that can needlessly complicate their home-buying experience. To help you avoid these common risks and pitfalls, you should keep these two house shopping tips in mind. Speak With The Bank Before Starting The Shopping Process During the initial start of the home-buying process, it can be common for individuals to simply start looking for the house that they want to buy. However, it can be exceedingly difficult to know how much you can spend if you have not been preapproved by a lender. A preapproval is not a formal offer for financing, but it will provide you with a rough estimate of how much of a mortgage you may expect to receive. In addition to helping guide your decisions through the house shopping experience, there are many sellers that will insist on seeing proof of preapproval prior to showing you the property or entering into negotiations. Thoroughly Review Any Applicable Homeowners’ Association Contracts Owning a home in a beautiful neighborhood is a dream for many people. However, many neighborhoods are under the management of homeowners’ associations. These associations have the power to establish rules and regulations that every home in the neighborhood must follow. However, the amount of control that the homeowners’ association has can vary greatly from one neighborhood to another. Therefore, you will need to carefully inspect the membership contract to determine if it is a good match for your needs. For example, it can be common for individuals to want to rent out spare rooms or entire homes, but this practice is often banned by these organizations. By carefully reviewing this contract, you will be able to ensure that your plans for the property are not inhibited by the homeowners’ association. If you lack the expertise needed to understand these contracts, you should have your real estate attorney review it for you so that you can be sure of your rights, privileges, and responsibilities when it comes to the property. If you are looking to buy your first home, it is important for you to be aware of some of the issues that can arise during these transactions. By ensuring that you receive a letter of preapproval for a mortgage and carefully review the homeowners’ association contract, you will be in a better position to ensure your home-buying experience is as smooth and productive as possible. Click here to buy real estate or do an online...

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Quick Key: How To Turn Over A Property Within One Weekend

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No matter how long your current tenants have lived in a property, there will be necessary property clean up after they leave. As the landlord, you will need to clean up the home and make sure that it is properly prepared before taking your next tenants on a walk through and offering a brand new lease. If you have already started advertising your vacancy and you need to find a new tenant immediately, turnover may need to take just a day or two. Here is a step by step guide to turning over a residential property within one weekend.  Do the walk through immediately with your old tenant If your tenant has put in notice that they will not be renewing or if their lease is being cancelled, go through a walk through with the tenant on the last day of their lease. Tenants will know the ins and outs of the issues with the property; therefore, they can let you know of any damage and issues that the property currently has. A walk through can also let you know just how much work you have cut out for you to perform after the tenant leaves that day.  Hire a property clean up service Once your old tenant has officially returned the keys, have a property clean up service come and remove anything  that is left over from the tenants, broken, or unnecessary. Be sure to check all appliances so that you can get rid of the appliances that no longer work. Anything left after the tenants officially move can be removed as trash as well. Be sure to check the storage unit, garage, and the yards to get everything necessary.  Have the rugs cleaned and the walls painted While you shop for the small things that may need to be changed, such as window blinds, light fixture replacements, and door knobs, have the walls painted, then have the rugs cleaned. Have the property cleaning service patch up any holes in the wall then repaint the walls back to white or builder’s beige. After the walls are painted, have the rugs cleaned. Identify any rooms that have a rug that is beyond repair and have it cut out and replaced.  Improve the appliances Once the big, necessary changes happen with the rugs and house painting, be sure to deep clean or replace the appliances. If the appliances in overall good condition, make sure they are scrubbed inside and out and check all of the appliance wiring. If the appliances are in a state of disrepair, look for discounted floor models to add new to the home. Better looking appliances will improve the overall look of the property. Add these last, before taking new photos, then begin your search for a new...

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Tips For Buying Hunting Land

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Buying land for hunting differs from buying land to build a home. There are several considerations that you need to factor into your decision to ensure that the land fits your purposes. To help you find the right property, here are some things to remember.  Look for Food and Water Resources One of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for hunting land is the availability of food for the animals. Animals are attracted to areas that have a number of food sources available. If there is no food, it is likely that they will continue to travel and look for it.  What food sources you should consider depends on the animal you plan to hunt. For instance, if you are hunting deer, you need to look for trees bearing fruit. If there is not enough food supply to support the animals, you will have to take measures to rectify the situation if you purchase the land.  You also need to ensure that there are enough water resources available. Assess the number of creeks or ponds that are in the area. You can have ponds created, but that is an expense that can add to your final bill.  Assess Your Neighbors Your neighbors can have a bearing on how much enjoyment you get out of your land. For instance, if your land is adjacent to neighbors who are opposed to hunting, you could find yourself in constant disagreements about how you opt to use your land. Although it is your right to purchase land anywhere, you can avoid a headache by knowing ahead of time who is next door.  The easiest way to do this is to talk directly to the owners of the lands next to yours. Not only will you determine if there will be any problems in the future, but you might learn useful information about the land you are planning to purchase.  Get Familiar With Conservation Programs There are numerous conservation programs that can be useful in managing your property. You can factor those programs into your decision to purchase certain land.  For instance, if you will have to spend money to improve the land, you can receive incentives from federal agencies for being a good steward of the land. There are many programs available, including the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.  To ensure you get the best value for your investment, work with an agent who is familiar with hunting land. Click here for hunting land for sale or do an online...

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