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Moving With Pets: Tips To Keep Animals Calm During Your Relocation To A Townhouse

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Moving into a new townhouse is an exciting experience for pet owners. Many town homes for rent feature fenced or otherwise enclosed backyards where pets may exercise and enjoy fresh air. Another benefit for pet owners is the way multiple levels in a townhouse keep more “fragrant” pets on a separate level from entertaining zones. Your home is always ready for guests without having to tidy up after messier pets in a townhome. When moving your pets into a new townhome for rent in your area, there are some tips and tricks to make it easier on you and your animal companions. Follow the pet guidelines below to make it a smooth transition: Universal pet-moving advice As much as people adore their pets, moving day causes even the most devoted pet-lover to neglect their furry and feathered household members. When moving crews, friends, and family are milling about in your home and frantically packing up the furnishings, pets often become overwhelmed or overlooked. Consider letting a kennel, vet’s office, professional animal caretaker, or friend pet-sit for you on move-out day. Your dog or cat won’t accidentally be let outside by strangers, and pets won’t be freaking out over the disruption of their environment. All animals do better with routine. When they are fed, walked, groomed, and handled in the same way and at the same times, they feel more secure. Launch directly into your old routines once your new home is unpacked. Dogs trust their own scent Most dogs are very amenable to new surroundings as long as you’re there and they have their same treats, toys and food. Keep their walks and other activities on the same schedule to help them adjust quickly. Don’t wash all of their bedding and toys before the move, but reserve some stinkier blankets or cushions to help super-nervous dogs feel more at ease. Be sure to update your dog’s ID and contact tags, and reach out to dog-owning neighbors to discover the local dog hot spots for walks and play. Cats appreciate some cheek-to-cheek One way to encourage your cat to feel comfortable in their crate for the move is to order some synthetic feline facial pheromone spray from your vet. When cats rub their cheeks on stuff, it turns out they’re marking familiar territory. Use the spray to mark the crate. You can also use a soft cloth to rub your cat’s cheeks, and then rub that cloth on the crate, furnishings, baseboards, and other areas where the cat is allowed to go. Skittish cats appreciate smelling their own scent in the new townhome and may settle more easily. Parrots need some coaxing for new digs You may need to change parrot cages when you move into a townhome, since your old cage may be outgrown or not the correct size. Transition your curious parrot a few weeks in advance of moving. Set up the new cage next to the old cage if possible, Have tempting toys, perches, and treats in the new cage. Allow your parrot to explore the new cage on its own. Once in the new place, reduce your bird’s anxiety by ensuring he or she can see you while you unpack. As long as you’re within view, parrots feel much more secure. Fish are the most fragile...

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Fresh Air And Close To The City: 2 Neighborhoods Close To Manhattan

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If you need to be in Manhattan because of your job, but don’t want to buy a co-op there because it’s both very expensive and you won’t find much green space, then you should look north of the city. There are lots of neighborhoods in both The Bronx and Westchester that provide you with lots of fresh air, green space, and also have a super easy commute to the city. Below you will find an overview of two really nice neighborhoods that you should look into when searching for a home that has access to lots of green space and fresh air. Yonkers Yonkers is a city in Westchester. However, it’s really close to Manhattan. It’s in the southern part of Westchester, right above The Bronx. There are trains that run into midtown Manhattan, so you can take mass transit to work. You can also drive in really easily, if you prefer to take your own car. One of the cool things about Yonkers is that you can get either a co-op, condo, or a house. Some of the smaller towns in Westchester are mainly houses, so if you prefer an apartment over a house, then one of the fancy condo buildings in Yonkers is the way to go. The area also has a huge shopping center (Cross Country Square) where you will find everything you want. There is also a gigantic Costco and Stew Leonard grocery right off the highway, as well as a Whole Foods and medical center at the luxury Ridge Hill shopping center. Even though it’s a city, there are lots of trees, rivers, and lakes. You can take your family to Tibbets Park on the weekends and hang out in the shade of the beautiful oak trees. Or you could head over to the Hudson River promenade and walk alongside the water and have lunch at one of the cafes. The city has one really busy section (Broadway and north to Ghetty Square) but if you look around the Tuckahoe area you will find that it’s very quiet and peaceful and mostly tree lined streets, small condos, and well maintained parks. Riverdale If you want to stay in New York City, but still want the feeling of living outside of the madness and congestion, then Riverdale is perfect. The neighborhood is in the Northwest and sits right on the Hudson River. It’s actually south of Yonkers, so you could drive around both neighborhoods when looking at places. Riverdale has some classic, old, brick buildings, as well as huge high rise co-ops along Independence Ave and Riverdale Ave. If money is no object, then definitely check out the private homes west of the Henry Hudson parkway or the area known as Fieldston. These homes are beautiful and you get big backyards. There is even a lake in Fieldston, though its small and people don’t swim in it. One of the biggest green spaces in New York is right near Riverdale. This is Van Cortland park. There are horse stables where you can go riding (the horses go through the backwoods trails and you can get instructions to go with you), hiking, fishing at the Van Cortland lake, or golfing. It’s a gigantic park that rivals Central Park and transforms the entire area into a really...

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How Do You Sell A Home With A Reverse Mortgage?

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Did you take out a reverse mortgage on your home assuming that you’d stay in the home for the rest of your life, only to have your plans change? Some homeowners with reverse mortgages remain in their homes simply because they assume that their reverse mortgage somehow prevents them from selling the home. This is simply not the case. If you have a reverse mortgage and have now decided that it’s better for you to move elsewhere, you can sell your home. You’ll just have to follow these steps, which are a bit different from the conventional steps one follows when selling a home without a reverse mortgage. Step 1: Confirm how much you owe on your reverse mortgage loan. Contact the company that issued your reverse mortgage loan. They should be able to tell you exactly how much is owed on the loan if you were to pay it back in full today. (You need to pay off the loan after selling the home.) The amount they give you will be equal to the amount you borrowed in the reverse mortgage, plus any interest and lender’s fees. Step 2: Find a realtor who has experience selling homes with reverse mortgages. While you could simply have a realtor sell the home and then pay off the reverse mortgage lender yourself, this can get a little complicated. If you find a realtor who has experience with this process, they can coordinate with the reverse mortgage company on your behalf, saving you a lot of hassle. You’ll also want a knowledgeable real estate attorney on your side. Your realtor should be able to recommend one if you don’t know one. Your realtor will list the home for sale and work to find a buyer. The asking price for the home should be more than the amount you owe on the reverse mortgage. Step 3: Sell the home and repay the reverse mortgage. When your realtor finds a buyer, the buyer (or their bank) will pay for the home. The amount owed to the reverse mortgage company will be sent to them to pay off your loan in full. Make sure you get a document back from them that states that your loan has been paid off and your account has been closed. After your realtor takes out his or her commission and you pay your lawyer, the remainder of the sale amount is yours to keep. Now that you’re out from under your home with a reverse mortgage, you can use the remaining funds from the sale of your home to move into a place that’s better suited to your current...

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Three Ways Buying a House at Auction May Make Your Relationship Better

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Spouses making big decisions together can sometimes face challenges. When one person desires one type of real estate property and the other spouse likes the opposite, making a final decision on a house can feel impossible. It is not uncommon for one spouse to feel resentful if they do not get much of their wish list, while the other spouse does. If you and your spouse are worried about the decision of which home to buy coming between you, you should look into buying foreclosed homes at auctions. Here are three ways buying a home at a foreclosed auction can actually make your relationship better.  The decision is like ripping off a band-aid When a home goes into foreclosure and goes on auction, you will likely have to bid on the home on one specific day. Most home auctions will be announced shortly before the auction takes place. This means that you and your spouse will have a short amount of time to decide which homes you wish to bid on and for how much. This means no time for arguing. It also means you feel that successfully bidding on a home is the top priority rather than getting all the features you want.  You focus on what you do like  When you are purchasing homes at a foreclosure auction, you have fewer choices than traditional home sales. Due to the limited choices, you may be willing to work with certain features that you may not in other home sales. You and your spouse may also decide that you will completely redo the inside of your home with the money that you save buying an auction home. This means that the two of you will need to focus on the bones of the homes and the features you do like in order to select a home to bid on.  Bidding requires the ultimate teamwork Bidding on a home will require complete teamwork. You will have to choose a home to bid on and a possible secondary home that you may be interested in if you do not get the first home that you desire. You will also be bidding against other people when you are at the auction, it will be you and your spouse against anyone else who may be interested in your home. This will make you and your significant other feel like a team rather than feel as if you are working against one another when you are looking at homes.  For more information about purchasing a foreclosed home, talk to a realtor like those from Sun Royal Realty that specializes in the...

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3 Staging Tips When You’re Selling Your Home During The Holidays

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If you are thinking about putting your home on the market during the holiday season, you might be wondering about the best way to stage it. You probably want to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. This is important any time of the year, but there are certain considerations that you will want to keep in mind when selling your home during the holiday season. Follow these tips to stage your home the right way and to hopefully bring in potential buyers. 1. Avoid Religious Decorations Even though you might usually like to break out your religious decorations for the holiday season, you may want to avoid doing so when you are putting your home up for sale. You want potential buyers to feel completely comfortable when they walk into your home, and if they do not have the same religious beliefs that you have, they might not feel entirely comfortable or “at home” when they walk in. Instead of breaking out the religious decorations, consider sticking to non-denominational seasonal decorations. 2. Don’t Use Too Many Decorations Since it’s the holiday season, it is the perfect time to break out seasonal decorations to make your home look great. However, you will want to use your decorations to enhance your home, not to make it look cluttered. One big issue that you have to watch out for when staging a home any time of the year is making it look cluttered and too small, and this can be a particular concern when you break out your Christmas tree and other seasonal decorations. Less is more when decorating a home that is being put up for sale. 3. Use a Nice Scent Making sure that your home smells good—without the smell being too overpowering, which can bother people with allergies or can make it seem as if you are trying to cover up an unpleasant smell in the home—is important. The holiday season is perfect for adding a nice scent to your home, since the perfect solution is to pop a cookie sheet of your favorite holiday cookies in the oven or to light a natural seasonal candle. As you can see, there are a few holiday staging tips that you can follow during the holiday season. Give these tips a try, and you might be surprised by how many potential buyers you are able to attract when you put your home on the market. Contact a real estate agent for more...

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Simple Renovations To Increase The Value Of Your Home

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If you are planning on placing your home on the market, a few simple renovations could help increase the value of the property and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Buyers often want to purchase a home that they can move into without making any initial repairs, as this means they avoid putting more time and money into the property after the lengthy purchasing process. It helps to consult a real estate agent for advice on which repairs will likely provide a return on investment and make your property on par with similar ones in the area. Here are tips on how to get your home looking its best without necessarily spending a fortune on renovations.  Exterior repairs Properties that look old and dilapidated on the outside will usually turn buyers away, so it is vital that you make improvements to your home’s exterior walls, hedges, and yard. Begin by adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls to get the home looking fresh and modern. You should also replace faded or damaged panels on weatherboard walls and fill in cracks and holes on brick walls with fresh mortar.  Next, consider replacing old doors and repairing broken windowpanes to give your home exterior a more stylish look while boosting energy efficiency. Try improving your yard by removing clutter and dead plants and trimming hedges so as to make a better first impression with buyers. If possible, consider investing in new soil, rocks, shrubs, and bright flowers for your garden to make the landscape appear rejuvenated and inviting. Adding night lighting to the landscape may also help to create a bright, elegant look for your garden.  Interior repairs  Clean, contemporary flooring can make your home more appealing to buyers. Be sure to polish wooden or marble floors and to replace old, musky carpeting. You can also repaint interior walls with bright colors that will make the home feel warm. Be careful to avoid using overly bold colors that may alienate certain conservative buyers.  Simple kitchen and bathroom repairs can also be very rewarding. Replacing damaged taps and cupboards and adding a few bench-tops can transform an old kitchen into a functional workspace that buyers will love. Avoid overdoing your kitchen with all-new stainless-steel appliances or fancy granite counter-tops, as this may give buyers the impression that the property could be more expensive.  For the bathroom, consider installing adequate cabinetry and repairing damaged showers and taps. Painting the walls and repairing chips on the tub/sinks could also make the space functional and alluring.  For more advice, contact a real estate agent at a company like South Florida Property...

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Tips To Make Selling Your Home Easier

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The act of selling your home can be an extremely important event in your life. In addition to representing the start of a new chapter, this can also be a chance to earn a sizable return on the investment you made in the home. However, it is a reality that many individuals will not have the experience necessary to make informed choices during this process. In order to help you with selling your home, you should be aware of the following basic tips. Have Your Property Inspected Prior To Deciding On A Listing Price Before you ever start to consider the listing price of your home, you should have it professionally inspected. This inspection will allow damages and defects to be identified before you start to entertain potential buyers. Considering that these individuals will likely want an inspection done, any issues with the house will become known. As a result, pricing a home too high when it has known structural repair needs will cause buyers to avoid it. By having this inspection done prior to deciding on an opening price, you will be able to either have these repairs done or factor in the cost of repairing the damages into the opening price. Adjust Your Staging According To The Season The interior staging of the house can be one of the most important factors in helping to make it attractive to potential buyers. However, many first-time home sellers fail to realize the complexity that can go into staging a home’s interior. In particular, it can be easy to overlook the need to match the staging decorations to the season. Considering that this is a practice that many professional staging services use, buyers will likely visit many homes that have seasonal staging, and your home’s interior may seem out of place if it is staged according to the wrong season. If interior decorating is not a strong suit of yours, it might be worthwhile to hire a professional staging firm so as to ensure your house’s interior is as attractive as possible. Try To Minimize The Time You Are In The House While It Is Listed Before a buyer makes a bid on your property, they will want to tour it. Unfortunately, if you plan on living in the home while it is listed, your domestic life can be routinely interrupted for these showings and can make it more difficult for your agent to arrange these tours. For these reasons, you should attempt to move out of the home as soon as it is listed to help minimize these...

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How To Know If It’s The Right Home

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One of the biggest mistakes home buyers make when shopping for a home is to shop with their blinders on. When you believe that you have found the perfect home, it is tempting to stop looking. However there is often a right one around the corner, so it is important to look at a few more houses before you determine that you have found the right one. Make sure to follow these steps when deciding. What Do You Plan To Do With Your Home? In order to determine whether or not you should buy a home, you should consider if you can imagine yourself doing the many things that you plan to do in your home. For example are you planning on hosting parties? Can you imagine yourself fitting enough people in your home? If so, the home might be a good choice. One way to determine if the home is a good choice is to visit when there is furniture. You may discover that your home has less room than expected if there is no furniture in place. How Much Home Do You Need? Ideally, you will want to buy as much home as you need and nothing more. It can be difficult to buy and sell a home. Some home buyers will purchase a starter home and will upgrade later. However, this can backfire because of how difficult it might be to then sell that starter home. However, you do not want to purchase too much of a home as well because you will be spending a lot of time on maintenance. Make sure to purchase a home based on your long-term plans for growth. For example, if you plan on starting a family, it is necessary that you buy a home that will have enough bedrooms that will allow you to not only have bedrooms for each of your children, but extra rooms for things like a playroom or a study room. Think long ahead and you will be able to remain in your home for many years. Do You Need Bells And Whistles? Consider whether you will be using the bells and whistles. For example, it may not be necessary that you have a Jacuzzi. You may not need a greenhouse. Think about your lifestyle and if you will have an opportunity to use the bells and whistles that come with your home. Speak with a realtor for his or her...

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A Single Girl’s Guide To Buying Your First Home

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Ladies, if you’re thinking about investing in your future by purchasing a home on your own, you may have a lot of questions. But, having a lot of questions is a good thing, since it can help you make a better decision on many levels. To help you started, here are 4 of the most valuable tips for any woman setting out to buy a house. Know Your Motivations. Before setting off to talk to lenders and look at homes, assess why you really want to buy a home. Although it’s a big investment, when done in the right way, it can be a good step toward stability and security. But doing it right includes being realistic and being willing to wait. Understanding what you want and need from your home, finding the right motivations, and examining your ability to cover expenses will all help you buy with confidence. Don’t Ruin Your Budget When buying real estate, it’s easy to spend more than you planned. The reasons vary—shopping in a tight market, getting caught up in the moment, finding your “dream home”—but the result is the same: spending more than you should. Fight this tendency by being realistic about your budget—both monthly and overall. In addition, keep in mind that there are more costs to being a home owner than just the mortgage. You will need to cover things like homeowners’ insurance, property taxes, regular maintenance, appliance replacement, and HOA fees. Don’t let either your lender or your real estate agent cause you to go far enough over your budget that you can’t meet all your new monthly expenses and your long-term goals. Shop Around for Financing. Some research has shown that women tend to pay more for a mortgage than men, generally because they fail to shop around as much. So, rather than going with the first recommendation you receive, don’t be shy about shopping around for better financing terms and options. Be sure that the loan officers explain everything in terms that you understand and that they discuss all your options. You should start by understanding your credit report and the accompanying score, which can affect the rates you are quoted. Take time to check your credit before you plan to start home shopping and correct any deficiencies and/or improve the score. Negotiate Concessions. Negotiating may not be your strong suit, but it’s a valuable part of the actual buying process . . . and a perfectly normal one, as well. Whatever your gender or background, don’t be shy about asserting your wants and needs to your agent and the seller’s representative. If there are obvious things wrong with the home—like old carpet, needed repairs or replacements, or a damaged roof—ask for financial concessions from the seller to cover these anticipated expenses. When your home inspector does his or her job, discuss with them the potential costs to repair things they find as well. By applying these four tips when looking at and negotiating for your new home, you can successfully navigate the wide world of real estate with confidence and skill. And then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your wonderful new abode. Go to websites on real estate for more...

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Four Technologies That Make Selling A Home Easier

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Most industries today are going digital—and real estate is no exception. If you want to sell your home as quickly as you can, a single MLS listing isn’t going to be your best option. Through modern technology, real estate agents are able to help their clients sell their homes faster and for more money. Here are a few of the technologies that can make the process of home selling much easier.  Virtual “Open Houses” Virtual open houses are 3D walkthroughs of your property that can easily be viewed and experienced online. Virtual open houses give potential buyers more information about your home; through the open house, they can see exactly how the property is laid out. Not only does a virtual open house interest and engage potential buyers, but it also reduces the amount of physical showings that have to be completed.  Immediate Analysis and Statistics Modern real estate agents are able to tap into big data to quickly analyze the current market in real-time. As a consequence, they now know exactly when to sell a property and have a very good idea of what the market will offer. Real estate agents will be able to advise their clients with greater accuracy regarding whether or not it’s the right time to list and how long the property will likely remain on the market. Immediate Loan Qualifications In the past, home sellers had to wait for some time to ensure that their buyers had the appropriate mortgage approval. Today, there are numerous loan services available to help buyers who want to purchase homes. Home sellers are now able to acquire proof of funds faster than ever—and fewer mortgage loans will fall through entirely. The easy availability of online mortgage pre-approvals and pre-qualifications makes the entirety of selling a home easier and more predictable. Integrated Real Estate Listings Rather than simply listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), sellers today often have their own property websites constructed by their real estate agents. These property websites can then be integrated into related real estate listings, giving the property far more exposure to buyers.  Not every real estate agent is knowledgeable about the new technologies available to the industry. Because of this, home sellers may want to be conscientious when trying to find the right real estate agent or realtor for them. Real estate is a highly competitive market — taking advantage of the newest tech tools is one of the best ways to ensure...

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