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Six Lesser-Known Facts To Request From Home Sellers

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Home buyers are often curious about some aspects of a house that are not immediately shared at open houses and home showings. However, when you are searching for a home and find one that really piques your interest, it is okay to ask any questions you want. A realtor is usually happy to answer questions, and the home seller often is, too. After all, the home seller can choose not to answer questions, and you can then decide whether you want to further consider a house. Either way, ask what you want. Here are some lesser-known facts you may want to request from sellers. Ask Which Year the Home Last Got a New Roof Home sellers should be forthcoming with this information. The roof is a big investment in any home, and knowing when the house last got a new roof may give you an indication of whether or not you may need to replace it in the near future. Ask Whether Anyone Has Died in the House to Their Knowledge Although this may seem morbid, it is a fair question to ask if you are concerned about living in a home where someone else may have died. No matter why you want to obtain this piece of information, it’s alright to ask. Ask for the Contact Info of Contractors the Home Owner Used You can ask for recommendations on local contractors who have worked on the house before and request their contact information. Most home sellers are more than happy to give out this sort of information to help both the home buyer and the contractors.   Ask Whether the Appliances Are Under Warranty Most home buyers tend to consider appliances as small details in the much larger matter of the home itself, but you should get information them. If appliances are under warranty, it can also show you that the home owner has kept up the home with modern upgrades. Ask Whatever You Want to Know About the Property Taxes You may have always been taught that it is rude to ask about money, but it is perfectly alright in some situations. When you are thinking of buying a home, you have every right to ask about how much you are likely to pay in property taxes every year. Ask for Information on Any Parking Restrictions Near Your Home Sometimes parking restrictions in small or exclusive neighborhoods can prevent you from having gatherings in the way you’d like. Finding out information on parking restrictions early on can help you avoid putting time and energy into a place that you wouldn’t want if parking restrictions are immense and entertaining is a priority. Finally, keep in mind that you have every right to ask anything you want to know about a house. If you make the home seller uncomfortable, they don’t have to answer the question. Make a list of what you want to know about the home, then ask the questions at a showing, at an open house, or directly to the real estate agent or home seller. When you ask what you want to know, you empower yourself to gather the information you need to make an informed decision about the home you want. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website...

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Use These Methods To Increase Interest In Your Upcoming Open House

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From the time that you list your home for sale to the time that you sign the papers to sell it, you may only have one or two open houses scheduled. For this reason, it’s critical to make these events count. The right real estate agent will do his or her part to widely advertise your open house so that, when the time comes, people are eager to get inside and check it out. However, you can also lend a hand to increase people’s interest in the upcoming open house. Here are a number of methods that can be effective for drumming up interest. Advertise Around The Neighborhood Your agent can take some steps to raise the profile of your upcoming open house throughout the surrounding area. He or she can accomplish this by placing an “Open House” sign on your lawn and other signs nearby — for example, one at the entrance to your subdivision. These signs should clearly reveal the date and time of the open house so that people are clear. The agent can also consider printing off multiple feature sheets on the house and giving them to you to distribute in the mailboxes of the houses in your area. If you’re willing to do this legwork, it’s more of a cost-effective method than paying a flyer service to distribute them for you. Publicize The Event On Social Media While your agent will likely be using his or her website to advertise the upcoming open house, you can lend a hand by posting the online listing on your social media pages and writing a short blurb about the specifics of the open house. This is especially valuable on a platform such as Facebook, as people customarily have a number of Facebook friends from their local area. You can also ask people to share your posting, which will dramatically increase the number of people who see it. Carry Flyers With You It’s also useful to tell people about your open house throughout the week leading up to the event. For example, tell your work colleagues and ask if they’re shopping for a home or know someone who is. You can then pass them a flyer that provides details about your home and includes the date and time of the open house. If a colleague has a friend who might be interested, ask the friend to take a quick snapshot of your flyer and send it to the friend. The more you do this, the better turnout you should have — and this can translate into selling your home quickly. To learn more, visit websites...

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Deny You Your Dream Home

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Whenever you want to buy a house on mortgage, your credit is one of the first things your lender will check. This makes some people apprehensive about starting the home purchase process if they don’t have stellar credit. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so; here are a few things you can do to buy a house with less-than-stellar credit: Explain Your Low Credit Score Lending is a judgment call that financial institutions make based on a variety of factors. If you can get your potential lenders to listen to you, you can convince them of your ability to repay your loan by explaining why you have a low credit rating. Of course, this will only work in your favor if your explanation makes sense to the lender. For example, if you didn’t pay an emergency medical bill on time and your credit score tanked, explain that to a lender, and you might still walk away with a mortgage. Consult Those Who Assist Bad-Credit Borrowers Several organizations are dedicated to helping homebuyers with bad credit. A classic example is the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a government agency that may guarantee your loan if your credit is nothing to write home about. Another example is Veteran Affairs (VA) that only caters to military (current and former) personnel. Research such organizations, and you may be lucky enough to find one that caters to your demographic. Get a Cosigner With Perfect Credit Getting a cosigner shouldn’t be your first option; you should be able to buy a property without making other people liable for your loans. However, if that the only way you can buy a house, look for a close family member or friend with stellar credit. Using a cosigner reassures the lender that their investment is safe even if you (the primary borrower) experience a financial hiccup. However, you still need to be sure to buy a house whose mortgages you can afford so that you don’t inconvenience the cosigner. Emphasize Your High Income If your credit is bad, but you have a high income, you may have better luck by emphasizing your high income. Lenders evaluate borrower’s credit scores to confirm that the borrowers can repay their home loans. Your high income isn’t an exact replacement for a high credit score, but it plays some part in confirming to the lender that you intend to settle your debts. Therefore, don’t assume you can’t buy a house just because your credit score isn’t perfect. Property agents have probably dealt with people like you; consult one for advice on how to...

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Two Places on the East Coast to Look for Your New Vacation Home If You Love to Saltwater Fish

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If one of your passions is to head out on a boat into the deep water and go salt-water fishing, and you are looking to buy a vacation home, then you should make sure you choose a location that has easy access to the ocean. There are many great places around the country, but this list will be localized to the east coast. So big names that might be recognizable to deep-sea fishermen won’t be discussed here. Many people want a vacation home close to their main property, so if you live on the East Coast, you might want a house you can get to without flying across the country. Here are two great spots. One is in the Northeast, and the other is in the South. Miami, Florida If you like the idea of owning a place in one of the coolest cities in the country, Miami is the place to look. It’s got a fantastic beach, awesome restaurants and nightclubs, and also really amazing saltwater fishing. There are large marinas located on Miami Beach (which is a peninsula located across the Biscayne bay, separating Miami from the Atlantic Ocean). Miami is a large area where you will find single-family homes, though in neighborhoods such as Coconut Grove there are also luxury, high-rise condos. If you want to live on Miami Beach, you will find that this area consists almost exclusively of hotels and condos. The area is a saltwater fisherman’s dream. You can head out into the warm waters and fish for marlin, shark, and sailfish. The other great reason to buy a home in the Miami area is that you can store your boat at one of the marinas or could just head out on a fishing charter while you are in town. The area is full of fishing-charter companies. You could take advantage of some of the extended trips they offer and head down to the keys or even into the waters around Cuba. Sag Harbor, New York If you live in the Northeast and want a vacation home closer to you than Florida, then consider Long Island. In particular, you should look into Sag Harbor when you’re seeking homes for sale. This is a really beautiful area on the southern shore of Long Island. It is part of area known as “The Hamptons,” but this area is not as pricey as some towns in The Hamptons, such as Southmapton and Sagaponack, where homes can run into the many millions of dollars. While most people love the beach, restaurants, and nightlife, you will love the easy access to deep-sea saltwater fishing. You can dock your boat at one of the marinas in Sag Harbor Bay and then boat out east, past Montauk, and deep into the Atlantic...

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4 Tips For Spotting Exactly What You Want From A House Listing

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When you first start looking at house listings, you may not expect that there are hundreds or even many thousands of homes available in your area. It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking at home listings since there are so many different kinds of homes with a diverse array of amenities available. To save a lot of time and effort, as well as avoid frustration, you need to prepare to find exactly what you need in a house listing. Tip #1: Make Three Important House-Hunting Lists When you envision your dream home, you probably have an exact picture in your head. It may have a hot tub, view of the beach, or sewing room. No matter what special feature fills you with a desire to live in a home, it won’t be hard to figure out what that is. Make the following three lists as you prepare to search through house listings. List 1: Must-Haves – These are the qualities that a home must have before you would even consider buying it. Be specific here, and make sure that you include all the things you really can’t live without when it comes to a home. List 2: Strong Preferences – In this list, write all the things you would really like to have in a home, yet that you can do without. For example, if you like to enjoy the sun in the window, you may want a sun roof in the living room. However, if you can be happy with the sun through the window instead, it is probably just a strong preference, not something you must have. List 3: Extra Perks You’d Like – This list is reserved for things that aren’t your strongest preferences, yet they are features of a home that are positives. For example, if you like fruit trees in your yard, but they wouldn’t really affect your decision on a home at all, that would be a feature for this list. Talk to your spouse until you can agree on which features to include on all three lists. Having these lists on hand will be helpful throughout the moving process. Tip #2: Use Advanced Search Filters When you to search house listings, many websites will offer you the chance to use an advanced search filter. In doing so, you can select a search that pulls up only the things you most want in a home. Tip #3: Discover the Joy of Control + F Commands If the website you use for house hunting doesn’t have advanced search filter options, try using the Control plus the F key commands. Hold the Control button down while you press the F button. That should bring up a small search key in your browser. You can then use it to search for your most desired features within that page of the website. Tip #4: Start as Specific as Possible When you start to search through house listings for your home, start as specific as possible. For example, you may choose to filter for the criteria from all three lists at first. Then use just the top two lists. Ultimately, when you look through listings, you may want to just use the “Must-Haves” list. Starting as specific as possible helps you see how many houses are available...

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The Science And Art Of Crafting Real Estate Listings

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When you are selling a real estate property, every stage of the process is important. For example, it’s not just enough to have the property listed on the best sites; you also need to ensure that the listing is properly crafted and worded. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling ad for your house: Write an Eye-Catching Headline The headline is the first thing your potential buyers will see on your listing, so it pays to be catchy. You want something that will make people want to click on the handling to get the story behind it. It’s advisable to take a look at the headlines of other property listings and come up with one that stands out.   Use Excellent Visuals It’s well-known in the real estate industry that videos and photographs boost the visibility and impact of property listings. Unfortunately, grainy photographs and out-of-focus videos won’t cut it. You need to have clear and professional photos and videos of your property. In fact, it’s worth paying a professional photographer or videographer a small fee to produce the multimedia for you. Highlight the Best Features of Your Listing You may write as many words as possible, but if you don’t highlight the major things, it will be a hard sell. In fact, a concise post is much better than a long, flowery post. That being said, here are some of the highlights you shouldn’t leave out: Square footage Number of bathrooms and bedrooms Garage Special attractions such as garden or swimming pool Neighborhood amenities State the Home’s Age Omitting your property’s age may lead potential buyers to make the wrong conclusion (about its age) after reading the description. This is especially true if, in the description, you have used industry buzzwords such as “traditional,” “modern” or “contemporary.” For example, when you describe a house as “modern,” do you mean it was constructed within the last fifty years or the last decade? If it was constructed within the last decade or in the 1960s, that’s exactly what you should put down to avoid confusion. As an amateur, it may be difficult to come up with an excellent listing copy, especially if you have never handled one before. In that case, consult a real estate professional to help you with the listing. Using an experienced agent who has handled similar tasks in the past will help you sell your house...

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Learn How to Buy the Perfect Piece of Hunting Land for You

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If you are a deer hunter, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to hunt if you do not own your own property. If you want to be able to hunt at any time that is convenient to you, you need to purchase your own property to hunt on. The following guide walks you through a few tips for choosing the perfect hunting property for you. Consider the Location of the Property The first thing you need to do is consider the location of the property. You want to be sure that it is close enough to your home that you will not have trouble reaching it early in the mornings. If it is located far from your home, you may not be as likely to be able to travel to it regularly. Consider the Animals in the Area Next, you need to consider the types of animals that can be found on the property regularly. Ask to walk the property with a real estate agent or the owner of the property. Look for signs of animal life in the area, such as footprints and fecal deposits. Consider the Restrictions for the Area Make sure that the property can be used for hunting. There are some pieces of property that are located near urban areas that cannot be used for hunting because there are too many businesses or homes nearby. Be sure to have your real estate make sure that the property is zoned for hunting before buying it. Consider the Size of the Property If you plan on hunting with other people, you may want to property that is somewhat large. You want to be sure that everyone can hunt safely without worry that someone will be accidentally shot during a hunting trip. A larger property will also give you the ability to set up multiple hunting stands to hunt out of on the property. This allows you to change things up from time to time when needed. When you buy the property, you can start using it for hunting right away if the land is zoned for it. Take the time to set up trail cameras throughout the property before you set up your tree stands so that you can see which areas get the most traffic. This will better your chances of being able to get a good shot on an animal as soon as...

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What Should You Do To Buy A Home In The New Year?

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take the steps necessary to buy a home in the near future, you need to shake off bad habits now and pick up some good ones. Although basic good habits, such as staying on budget, are well-known, there are some habits that are sometimes overlooked. To help you stay on track with your resolution, here are some good and bad habits you should know.   What Good Habits Should You Start? The most obvious good habit you should take on is creating a budget and sticking to it. If you have trouble with this task, talk to a financial planner who can help you analyze your finances and help you draft a reasonable budget.   Not all good habits are centered around your current financial state. For instance, now is the time to get familiar with home improvements. The more you know about home repairs and remodeling, the more money you can save on a home later. Instead of sticking solely to more expensive homes that are move-in ready, you can expand your search to homes that might need a little love and cost less.   In addition to these practices, you need to focus on building credit. Paying off your debts is not enough. You have to establish credit with borrowers to make yourself more attractive to mortgage lenders. Talk to your financial planner to determine just how much of your available credit you should use in your effort to establish credit.   What Bad Habits Do You Need to Stop? Without realizing it, you might be practicing bad habits that can ruin your chances of scoring a home loan. For instance, even though you might have been consecutively employed during a period of time, if you frequently changed employers, this could be problematic. Lenders want to know that you are stable. Ideally, you should stay at your current employer until after you have closed on a home.  Chances are, if you went to college, you have student loans. If you do, failing to make payments on time can have a significant impact on whether or not you are able to secure a reasonable loan. Delinquent payments are reported and lenders see this as a bad sign that you will make loan payments on time.   Even if you are approved for a loan, the interest rate could make it impossible to afford. You could end up having to settle for a different home than the one you actually wanted.   Work with a real estate agent to determine what other good and bad habits you should know in your bid to buy a...

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Upstairs Or Downstairs Apartment? These Factors Will Help You Decide

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If you’re on the hunt for a new apartment, then you have a big decision to make before you get too far into the apartment hunting process. Do you want to live in an upstairs or a downstairs unit? These can be two very different living experiences, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each and make a decision before you start seriously hunting for apartments. Living Upstairs: Pros When you live in an upstairs apartment, it tends to be quieter. You don’t have to deal with footsteps u above. As long as the home you’re in has decent insulation, you shouldn’t hear much sound at all from below. This can be a great advantage if you have a baby or small child who is woken easily or if you go to bed early and need absolute quiet to sleep. Also, since heat rises, upstairs apartments tend to be warmer. You may not have to pay as much for heat in the winter. Living Upstairs: Cons The furniture you have will be limited to what you can fit up the stairs and into your new apartment. Oversized sectionals and king size beds may not be an option, depending on how the stairway and doorways are laid out in your particular building. Plus, you will have to climb the stairs every time you come home. If you have arthritis or limited mobility in any way, this can be a struggle. Living Downstairs: Pros When you live downstairs, moving in will be much easier. You don’t have to carry items up the stairs. Larger items like king size beds should be an option for your home. Since heat rises, downstairs apartments tend to stay cooler in the summer. In a hot environment, this can mean lower AC bills or less need to turn on the AC in general. Living Downstairs: Cons When you live downstairs, you frequently hear noises made by the people living upstairs. You’ll hear them if they walk across the floor with shoes on or if they drop something. If they have a dog or a cat, you may hear it running across the floor and playing. Also, when you’re on the ground floor, you’re more likely to have to deal with moisture problems since you’re closer to the basement. If the basement is damp or improperly sealed, the moisture may end up in your home. For further information, you will want to check out a company such as St. Louis...

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Buying A Home Without Seeing It In Person? What To Ask Your Realtor

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Making a home purchase is a very big investment, which many people put much time and consideration in doing. Unfortunately, there may be a situation where you end up buying a house without being able to see it in person. This could be due to getting a new job in another state and needing to suddenly move. When this happens, you’ll need all the help you can get picking the right home. Be sure to ask your realtor these 3 things. What Is The Neighborhood Like During The Night and The Day? A thing you can’t see when you are unable to visit the home is the neighborhood’s personality. There is something to be said about how a neighborhood feels when you are walking down the street, both during the night and the day. Hopefully, your realtor has visited the area. Ask them about how safe the area feels, if it is well lit, and if it has an overall good vibe. Streets can have completely different feels to them, even if they are in the same city. You may have one street where the neighbors don’t really talk to each other, and another street that has frequent block parties during summer. These are all things that you can’t tell based on the listing online. Are Home Values At Their Peak? It’s easy to be familiar with the home values in your local area, especially if you bought the house you are currently living in at some point. When looking at homes for sale in another state, though, it can feel completely unfamiliar to you. Ask The Soda Group or whichever other real estate service that you’re using about housing trends, and if it looks like homes have reached their peak value or if the value will soon go up. If you are only going to be in the home for a few years, it may not be wise to buy in an area that just had a housing boom. Is The Seller Flexible? Home sales can be difficult when you are not there in person to handle things. It is important that the seller of any home you purchase is flexible with your situation. This could include scheduling a home inspection without you being there, or even doing a walkthrough over FaceTime. For more tips about buying a home without seeing it first in person, work with a real estate agent that has experience with these types of sales in the past. It is what will help the purchase go as smoothly as...

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