Tips For Staging Your Home's Older Bathroom For Sale

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Tips For Staging Your Home's Older Bathroom For Sale

1 October 2015
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If you need to sell your home and do not have the time or cash to remodel its older bathrooms, then you will be happy to learn that there are some very effective staging techniques that you can use to make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers. 

Follow these simple tips to effectively stage your home's old bathroom in ways that will make it appeal more to buyers:

Deep Cleaning is Essential

When a buyer sees a sink or tub that is obviously older due to its colored porcelain, they tend to think about all of the money that they will need to replace the sink and tub and update the look of the bathroom. If the sink or tub is not sparkling clean, then it gives an immediacy to the replacement project to the buyers thoughts. By cleaning the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink until they sparkle and have no stains, they will not appear as dated, and you can create more of a "designer" look in the space.

To deep clean these items, you can purchase specialty cleaners at your local hardware store. For surfaces that are dull from age, you can polish them with a quality car wax. However, you should be careful about polishing surfaces such as bathtubs and showers that your buyers will be standing on because they can be a slip and fall hazard when they become wet.

Paint the Bathroom with White Paint

If your bathroom has dated tile in the shower surround or an obviously dated flooring, then you can turn this negative into a positive by painting the bathroom with a high-gloss white paint. The high-gloss paint will shine and make your bathroom appear fresh and clean. At the same time, the white color helps to drown out the dated look of odd colors or bad flooring. Instead of a bathroom with olive green items looking dated, the white and dark green become a designer color scheme to buyer's eyes.

Place Greenery in the Bathroom

Finally, before your open house events or home showings, place a bouquet of fresh flowers in your bathroom. Simple flowers such as daisies or roses will look appropriate in the space. The fresh flowers will also help to soften the look and bring some calming nature to the bathroom. If you do not want to continually purchase flowers, a simple houseplant will also work well for this application.

For more information or ideas on how to make a bathroom look good, see a website such as

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