Best Business Ideas For Women

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Best Business Ideas For Women

18 June 2015
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As a woman, you may be considering what type of business you could open. The dream of entrepreneurship runs deep for Americans, and the internet has opened up even more opportunities for small businesses. Some can be run from home until they grow enough to require a separate space.

Practical Start-Ups

If you want to start small and keep your overhead manageable, you should consider a business you can initially run by yourself. Capitalize on your particular skill set and choose an industry that you love. Some popular and successful choices for women are:


If you have an education background or simply are an expert in certain subject areas, consider beginning a tutoring service. You can either tutor in person or over the internet. You may choose some combination of the two methods. While you are getting your business up and running, you can keep your day job and tutor at night or on the weekends.

IT Consulting

Large firms have their own IT departments, but many small businesses rely on outside contractors. If you have technical abilities, you can help others troubleshoot their hardware and software problems. You can also help businesses overhaul their IT networks by recommending new systems. In the beginning, you can be a one-woman show, but as you grow, adding an employee or two should be an easy, natural step.

Editorial Services

If you have a way with words, you should consider starting a business that provides document preparation, proofreading, and editing.  All you really need to get started is an internet connection, a web page, and inspiration. Again, once you build a clientele, you can add employees and venture out of your home office.

Finding an Office

When your business thrives, you will want to find an office space that you can afford. You may choose to lease an office, but you should consider purchasing a space or even a small building. You can then lease out any additional offices and make money as a landlord as well. You will have to work with a lender, who will use the services of a commercial review appraiser, an expert who will evaluate the worth of the property and the soundness of the investment. If all goes well, you will be operating your burgeoning business out of a nice new office within a few years.

As a woman, your business choices are not limited, but some endeavors are easier to get off the ground than others. Follow your passion and get your enterprise started.

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