Hiring a Property Manager for Out-of-Town Properties

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Hiring a Property Manager for Out-of-Town Properties

21 October 2015
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If you own properties that aren't near your home, it can be hard to be a present landlord to tenants. There are various reasons that hiring a property manager might be a helpful way for you to manage renters and help tenants solve problems. Here are four things that property managers can do for you if you are a long-distance landlord.

1. Different Time Zones

If you are in a different time zone, the last thing you are going to want is a call at 3:00 am local time because of a minor plumbing issue. If you can find a property management company that is in the same town as your property rental, they will be ready for emergencies and can help your renters in real time. Renters might not realize that a time difference can turn a daytime question into a middle-of-the-night disruption on your end.

2. Emergencies

Even if you are in the same time zone but are in a different county or state, you aren't going to be nearby if emergencies crop up. Property management companies can ensure a way to get ahold of services needed day and night in case there is an emergency such as a security issue. Making sure that renters have someone closeby that they can reach is important.

3. Accountability

Property managers can help with accountability for both your reputation as a landlord and keeping renters vetted and secure. If you are too far away to be available for general maintenance checks in apartments or surrounding building areas, small issues might crop up that can turn into big problems. Having a property manager in the same town can make sure that renters are following all rental agreements and aren't doing anything that would be against their lease, such as having extra roommates or pets.

4. Local Knowledge

If you haven't lived in the area where your rental property is located, you might not have too much background in local services and contacts. A property management company will have established contacts with services such as electricians and plumbers that they trust. Property management companies might also be able to secure these services at a deal since they will have a higher volume of requests.

It can be hard to manage properties properly if you cannot be physically present to help out with day-to-day details. Sometimes the best way to be a good landlord is to hire on a property manager that can keep your property safe and your renters happy. Rental properties can be a great investment, but they won't be worth it if this turns into a constant headache for you. Contact a representative from an organization like Condominium Management for further information.

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