Tips For Buyers Visiting Open Houses

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Tips For Buyers Visiting Open Houses

20 August 2019
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If you are visiting an open house for the first time, then you might be at a loss on how to maximize the value of the visit. The following tips should help you achieve your goals for visiting the open house.

Inspect Everything

When you go to an open house, take the opportunity to inspect every inch of accessible space in the house. Don't get sidetracked by aesthetics or refreshments and forget to do what took you there. Check whether the floorboards are warping, the exposed plumbing pipes are rusty, or if there are creaks in the ceiling. Don't walk out of the house before testing to see whether the doors and windows open and close with ease.

Don't Ignore the Neighborhood

Your inspection of the home should actually start before you get to the gate. Use the opportunity to scout the neighborhood to confirm if you would be interested in living in such a place. You should particularly be concerned with the homes closest to the home you are interested in. Check how well they have maintained their lawns, how noisy they are, and how well they have trimmed their trees. 

Watch Other People Too

While inspecting the house, spare an eye for your potential competitors – other buyers present. With a keen eye, you should be able to tell whether the other buyers are interested in the house or they are not that impressed. You know a house is attracting interest if people are spending a lot of time checking it out and asking the agent lots of questions. Discerning buyers may even jot down notes as they view the house, something you should do too.

Ask Questions

The agent will be there, so ask them questions that you cannot answer by visually inspecting the house. For example, you should know whether the house has any known problems, how long the house has been in the market, and why the owners are selling the house. The answers to these questions may reveal more about the house and even elicit further questions. For example, if the owners are selling the house to avoid foreclosure, it might mean (though it is not a guarantee) their finances are not that good, and the house may be due for some TLC.

Be Courteous

Lastly, you should be courteous and polite while doing all the above. Don't take pictures without asking first, don't use the bathroom without asking for permission, and be considerate even when dealing with your potential competitors. No one wants to deal with a rude and inconsiderate person.

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