The Pros And Cons Of Two-Bedroom Townhomes

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The Pros And Cons Of Two-Bedroom Townhomes

29 November 2021
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The abundance of housing choices can often leave you confused. Depending on your lifestyle, a townhome may offer the benefit of space, price, and affordability. The house style features a multi-floor building sharing one or two walls with the adjacent homes. However, like other houses, a townhome has several benefits and disadvantages, as outlined in this extract. 

The Pros of a Two-Bedroom Townhomes

Ample Space 

The primary benefit of living in a two-bedroom townhome is ample space. Essentially, townhomes are more spacious than condos and apartments. If you have a family or plan to get one, you can have a spare bedroom for the children. Also, you will not have a challenge hosting friends and family with an extra room. Also, a typical townhouse comes with a yard. You can use the lawn as a relaxation or barbeque area. Notably, you have access to extra amenities like a playground, swimming pool, and a gym.  


If you value privacy, then you should consider staying in two-bedroom townhomes. Although you may have a neighbor upstairs or in the adjacent home, each house has a separate entrance. Thus, you do not have to share the interior building space with strangers like in an apartment set-up. Also, a two-bedroom townhome offers more privacy than a single-bedroom house. Thus, you do not have to share your bedroom with a roommate or a guest.

Cost Benefits 

A two-bedroom townhome is cheaper to buy or lease compared to a single-family home. Typically, it costs less to construct a home that shares walls. Therefore, a townhome will be cheaper compared to detached homes in the same neighborhood. Yet, you get ample space and privacy. Should you decide to lease a two-bedroom townhome, you will still enjoy cost benefits. For instance, you can get a roommate and share the rent. Thus, if you are working with a lean budget, go for two-bedroom townhomes. 

Less Maintenance

In comparison with single-family homes, townhomes are easy and cheaper to maintain. Typically, townhomes are usually under the management of the Home Owners Association (HOA). The HOA assumes the responsibility of exterior maintenance, including the yard. Therefore, you worry less about getting contractors to do repairs and renovations. Instead, you will only take care of the home interior space, which is less labor-intensive. 

The Cons of a Two-Bedroom Townhomes 

HOA Restrictions

The major disadvantage of a two-bedroom townhome is putting up with HOA restrictions. HOA rules govern the use of shared amenities, home maintenance, and noise levels. However, the rules aim at maintaining home value and restricting nuisances. Besides, you retain the freedom to make design and décor changes in the interior space.

HOA Fees 

A two-bedroom townhome comes with an obligation to pay monthly HOA fees. Without proper budgeting, the fees can make living costly and impact housing affordability. However, you should perceive HOA fees as an investment towards home maintenance and value retention. Also, the services and amenities offered by the HOA would still cost you in a single-family home. 

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